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Can I be a surrogate if I’m single? You can absolutely be a surrogate if you are single! Being in a relationship or married is not a requirement to be a surrogate. Please keep in mind that any sexual partner you have, will have to be drug/STD tested just as you, yourself will. We strongly recommend that this testing be completed before any physical contact.  The testing of any partners or even possible partners will be written in the contract that you will sign before embryo transfer happens.  This is so we can keep you, and the baby you will/are carrying safe and as healthy as possible.

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BMI Requirements A majority of the fertility clinics we work with will require a BMI of 32 or lower prior to medically clearing you to move forward. There’s research showing that high BMI can increase the risk of IVF not being successful. There are also complications that can affect the pregnancy, to include Gestational Diabetes, high blood pressure, higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, among other things. While during your surrogate screening with Abundant Life Surrogacy, we will ensure that your BMI is within the ideal range prior to matching you with prospective Intended Parents. Our ultimate goal is for the pregnancy to be uncomplicated, safe, full term, and healthy!

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Gestational Surrogacy vs Traditional Surrogacy See the list to learn the differences.  

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Is it difficult to give the baby up? Have you wondered the answer to this question? We made a video featuring 3 of our proven surrogates! Click on this link to see the video on our FB page:

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Qualifications of a Surrogate Wondering if you qualify to become a surrogate? Have questions? Reach out!!! Desire to help other couples Single, divorced, married, or widowed, but is not separated from her husband Must be willing to abstain from alcohol use throughout the pregnancy Free of Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections and other transmittable diseases No history of chronic drug use Must be between the ages of 21 and 40 years of age History of delivering at least one healthy child and must be 6 months postpartum Currently raising, or has raised, her child(ren) in her home Must be in overall good health BMI must be under 35 Must have had no more than 2 c-sections Must be a non-smoker and living in a smoke-free environment Must be willing to have a criminal background completed Must be willing to attend counseling sessions throughout the process if recommended Must not be receiving government assistance (welfare) Must have full emotional support from husband/partner, if applicable Spouse/partner must agree to undergo a psych evaluation Must be willing to undergo a psychological evaluation No serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery No pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (unless in the event of multiples) Must be able to provide us with previous delivery records Must be cleared by an endocrinologist specializing in fertility Must have a stable residence and not be planning to move out of the state in which the gestational carrier/surrogate lives once legal contracts are completed

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We encourage potential surrogate candidates to be as open and direct as possible about the relationship they want to have with intended parents during the pregnancy, at the birth and post-delivery.

What Kind of Compensation Do You Receive?

$23,000 using Carriers own Health insurance and $20,000 using health insurance purchased by intending parents. Once a surrogate signs the match sheet with her intended parent(s) She will be applicable to receive a monthly allowance.