How do I know I am choosing the right Surrogate Agency for me?

  • The Agency selection process no doubt can be difficult. How do you choose?
  • Should the compensation package influence your decision?
  • Should you go with the oldest known or largest agency in the industry?

These are some of the questions you might be asking.


Be sure to research the differences and find out exactly what the agency you are considering will provide to you and what you feel you personally need from the agency.

There may be services you may need or want in terms of on-going support, participation in group surrogate activities etc., or maybe you don’t need or want as much support or involvement.

What about the matching process, do they let you have a choice in who you will be working with, what about a say in the number of embryos transferred, multiple pregnancy, termination or selective reduction?

All these are important topics to discuss with the agency and see what their take is on allowing a surrogate to have her own voice in these decisions.

No matter what option or what your specific needs are, find out who in the agency will be responsible for your case and can you reach them at any time, day or night, week day or weekend.

What about emergencies or complications in your pregnancy, what is their protocol to handle these circumstances?

Your agency choice should be willing to provide you an in-depth consultation, even if by phone, and be willing to discuss the details of their program and surrogacy process.

You should feel comfortable and confident knowing the person managing your case is accessible and can thoroughly answer all your questions.

Above all you should feel comfortable and confident in your relationship with your agency and the agency representative assigned to your case.