Understanding Costs

Determining the cost of your surrogacy arrangement can be challenging.

We estimated that Abundant Life’s typical surrogate birth will cost between $100 – 165k USD depending on their specific arrangement.

Surrogates with Abundant Life will receive compensation starting at $42K and up and proven up to $50-60K depending on the surrogate’s state of residence.

This includes our agency fees, the Surrogate’s compensation and expenses, fertility clinic and legal fees.

However, there are factors to consider which can increase the overall costs substantially;

  • these might be costs for health insurance for the Surrogate or Child (International Parents)
  • complications and/or unforeseen circumstances
  • the need for an egg donor or multiple IVF cycles etc.

Contact us for an estimate .  Once you decide to move forward with Abundant Life Surrogacy we will help guide and do our best to prepare you for a variety of scenarios.