Why Become a Gestational Carrier

The Benefits for the Gestational Carrier

Surrogacy is the ultimate gift. For the intended parents, surrogacy is a selfless gift that fulfills a dream to have a family.

For both the gestational carrier and intended parents, it is a unique experience and a journey that few people have the opportunity to enjoy.

When a woman commits to being a gestational carrier, she is dedicating her time and energy to creating a dream come true.

Sharing in one of life’s greatest miracles with another family, creates some of the most amazing bonds imaginable.

Surrogacy is truly a selfless act of love.

The gestational carrier enjoys many benefits unique to the journey that is surrogacy.

  • First and foremost it is a wondrous, gratifying experience to give a baby to excited parents.
  • Another benefit is the chance to enjoy pregnancy without adding another child to the family.

Gestational carriers also serve a higher purpose by answering the prayers of deserving couples who desire a family.