We are a boutique agency offering intimate, personalized services.

We will also actively help to resolve any concerns or issues you have before, during, and after the pregnancy.

Women possess the unique ability to give the most remarkable gift of all – the gift of life.

For many women, pregnancy is an enjoyable time in their lives.

The thrill of developing a life within is an experience unparalleled by any other.

For women who enjoy pregnancy and love to help others, surrogacy may be their calling.

We encourage potential surrogate candidates to be as open and direct as possible about the relationship they want to have with intended parents during the pregnancy, at the birth and post-delivery.

We have found that some parents will want to attend every doctor’s appointment with their gestational carrier; some will want to be present at the major milestone appointments; and some will only want updates after each appointment.

Every parent’s feelings will be different, as will those be of every gestational carrier.

Our core mission is to match you with intended parents that have similar expectations.


We perform the pre-screening process at our expense.

There is no cost to you.

We want only the most qualified gestational carrier to match with the intended parents that have entrusted Abundant Life Surrogacy with their hopes and dreams of building a family.

  • For this reason, we require surrogate candidates that complete the screening process to sign an exclusivity agreement.
  • This allows us to focus our resources and to invest in finding you the best match.

Once the agreement is signed, we become your surrogacy agency and begin the matching process.