We may have had full term healthy pregnancies for our own children and we make these promises of doing the same for these Intended Parents….but sometimes Mother Nature takes a course of her own. Babies come early and plans change. But the journey to building these families is always beautiful!



To put my experience with this surrogacy journey into words is very hard as this was the best journey I could have had. This was my second surrogacy journey but was with a different family. Things didn’t work out for me to do a sibling journey, so I told Amber to find me a new family. Within a week she sent me a profile and from the moment I read it I loved them. Then came Skype time. Talking to them was so easy, like we had known each other for years. We were matched that day and so my journey began. I loved how involved they were with everything in my journey. All my numbers from ICRM came back great. Transfer day came and I wasn’t nervous at all and knew what to expect. They transferred one girl embryo to my uterus. On day 5 we got a positive pregnancy test! The IPs came up here in December because they had another surrogate who was giving birth to their first little girl. They were able to come to my 7-week ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. A couple months later, during the Covid pandemic, I got very close with their other surrogate. She was there so much for me and is part of my family now. The Intended Parents would text and FaceTime all the time. If I was having a bad day, they would DoorDash food to me. Only one of the dads could come to 20-week ultrasound, but he got to see his active girl. Fast forward again – went back to work working 12 hour shifts on my feet, doing 15,000 steps a day. On 7/16, at 36 weeks, my water broke at 11:45pm. My sister came and got my son. I tried calling the dads for hours. My doctor started medicine to induce labor at 3:30am. My surro sister came so I wasn’t alone, had the dads on FaceTime, and held my hand during contractions. My epidural wore off when I pushed but she was out in 3 pushes and born on 7/17/2020 at 11:23 am. Her lungs were a little underdeveloped so had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU. I blamed myself, but now she’s healthy and happy, home with her dads and sister. During this journey I grew another family and I was so happy to help them build it. Because of this journey I talk about surrogacy a lot and refer a lot of girls to our group. I can’t wait to visit my family in the Spring.


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