The wait is over for this month’s story. Surrogate D delivered shortly before Christmas this past year and built an incredible bond with her IPs. They are forever “family”!


I’ve never been good at telling stories or sharing part of my life with other people, but this is one of those times I feel is acceptable, because I was a part of something so beautiful and so amazing.

I always loved being pregnant and pregnancy is very kind to my body. Before I had children of my own I always planned to carry for my older sister Chanel. She had been in a pretty bad accident and her doctor advised that it would be safer for her not to be pregnant and start a family! We always talked about it but never really acted on it. She later decided that she was against the idea. I still very much wanted to be a carrier for someone so after I had my kids, I focused on becoming a surrogate. That’s when I found Amber, who helped me find my first IPs. They were a lovely couple who had two embryos left. We did two different transfers but they both failed. We were very devastated but decided to go our separate ways.

A little ways down the road I was introduced to two of the most caring people in the world, K and T, my now IP’s! After our Skype call I knew we would instantly get along. But we needed to make sure I could carry for them. We did a test called the ERA. It’s a test that tells you which day your body is best receptive for transfer. We figured out I need an extra two days of progesterone shots to be prepared for a transfer. It worked, and I was soon pregnant with a peaceful beautiful baby girl. The pregnancy was pretty easy but, like some, had a few hiccups!

Through every aspect of my life and the pregnancy K and T showed me so much compassion and love. They cared about everything going on in my life, even the passing of my handsome beautiful dog Mack. They made sure that I knew I was loved by them and so was my family. We spent our days and weeks texting or Skyping and always getting excited to see/talk to each other! I still get excited receiving text, calls, and Skype calls from them!

Fast forward…

During the delivery process they were just incredible. They weren’t just there. They were present, helpful, caring, loving. They were home! And it feels a little crazy to say that but these two made me feel like I was home always! Because of them my family has grown bigger, filled with amazing people and dogs!

In the end I can only conclude that I am the luckiest Surrogate in the world because I got to spend time with my brothers and I got to spend time getting to know you (Kolbi)!

In the near future when they’re ready to have more children I will be one call away and my answer will always be yes!

I loved this experience and I loved being able to have a connection that most people can only dream about because this family, my family, is love! The only way I can describe it is like hot tea and honey – just what your soul and body needs!


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