This month’s feature story we share a few spouses perspectives! It’s not just the surrogate doing the journey. It really is the whole family taking the journey as well.


  • He was concerned that it was going to be my DNA and he was totally clueless to how the whole embryo implantation thing existed. Once I explained the process he was stoked and super supportive and went to pick up my cravings, but also refused to touch any of the movements for reasons unknown. šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ā€. Also he cried like a baby when the baby was born and it was adorable.
  • I feel proud so proud that my wife is a surrogate, but also scared. I am proud that she is so selfless but Iā€™m so scared of the unknown. My main concern is my wife being hurt, or not having my wife and my kids not having their mother around if things go wrong. When she first started this journey I just wanted to understand why and if she had to cheat on me to do it!! Hahaha

All jokes aside, I am so excited for her to fulfill something that means so much to her. I am learning and growing along side her and I am glad she has brought me along on this beautiful journey. Our IPs are very special to us already and we are just getting started!

  • I think it’s awesome that my wife is giving someone a family like we have so they can experience the joy of being parents. The biggest concern going through this journey is if there are any complications during pregnancy or delivery. I am still a little nervous but mostly excited for the experience, I’m excited to meet the IPs and the baby.
  • My husband’s answers:

Concerns- he didn’t necessarily have any, although at first he didn’t want to be super involved so he didn’t accidentally get attached to the baby.

Top questions- he didn’t really have any. A lot of it was he just said since it’s my body I can do what I want and left me to it (that’s a positive).

Excitement- he wasn’t excited really at first, in fact most of the way through. But during the birth it was exciting to see the parent getting excited.


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