Your stories are as short or as long as you want them to be. It is YOUR story. YOUR journey. YOUR memories. Either way, it will be a memory for a lifetime.


Most people don’t think much about surrogacy and most people definitely don’t think about being a surrogate at a young age. But for me, I’ve known that I was meant to help people. I’ve always wanted to help people but never knew how I could best accomplish that. That was until I heard about being a surrogate! I could carry a baby and help a family become a whole? Sign me up! After having my daughter my boyfriend and I decided that our family was complete but since pregnancy was easy for me and surrogacy had been on my mind since my teens I began to look at agencies. That’s when I came across Abundant Life Surrogacy and their goals fit with mine like a glove. Their fantastic team helped me find my perfect IPs and then everything lined up like a dream. There were some hiccups and bumps along the journey, but in December I was able to give this amazing family their beautiful son. The bond that we have built will last forever and for that I will forever be grateful for my journey.


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