You know that giddy feeling when you finally do something you’ve wanted to do for so long???? Read this month’s feature story. This month we share a different perspective. When you know this is it, it just feels right.


Being a surrogate is something I’ve felt called to do for over 12 years. Being a mom, raising kids, and being around kids is all I’ve known for a majority of my life! I was blessed with being a very young mom and have always wanted to help others find their way to parenthood! My body is blessed with the ability to have healthy pregnancies, deliveries and recoveries! For several years I felt called to do more research, yet never committed. It never seemed like the right time in my life. After having my last daughter, I KNEW the time was now. When she was 3 months old, I met with the incredible ladies from Abundant Life Surrogacy and started the process.

It seemed like FOREVER before getting that email (because I was so anxious of course) stating that I had a potential match. But once it came, I can remember feeling overwhelmingly nervous. I read through the profile. We set up a call to interview the IP and was told after the call to give myself 24 hours before giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. I remember talking it over with friends and family and being so excited but a little hesitant. I wanted to be able to help this woman have her baby she’s dreamed so long about. The little details didn’t seem to matter in my mind. I just wanted to help. So, we both gave the thumbs up…unfortunately the doctor did not. I was semi relieved. Something just didn’t seem perfect. I’m a firm believer that everything happened for a reason. So back to the drawing board we go!

I can remember feeling a little defeated like I wouldn’t be able to have the opportunity. Not too long after here comes another email with another potential match. As I read their profile I got goosebumps. And of course, I didn’t want to jinx it so brushed it off like it was no big deal, but deep down I was so excited for the video chat later in the week. This time was different. I didn’t tell anyone about my upcoming meeting with my potential intending parents. I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I just wanted to keep it quiet and really focus on our connection. Within moments on the call with my IPs I knew they were who I wanted to help bring a baby into the world for. We just connected. We communicated well and you could tell there would be great love between the 3 of us! At one point on the call I remember tears welling in my eyes just envisioning these two with their child. I had no doubts that they deserved this!!! My heart is full knowing we get to go through the pregnancy together, especially in scary times like these, together is all we’ve got!

Now that I’ve been matched the process continues! We’ve got appointment after appointment waiting to be set up. I have had some reservations with making my journey public out of fear that something may go wrong. But if by me making my journey public, YOU decide you feel called to surrogacy please reach out. Learn more! Bless someone with a family! It seems like such a long journey to find the perfect match but once your match is found you look back and think “every single moment in my life happened so I could meet my match!” I can’t wait for a little part of my heart to live in Spain with its daddies!

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