I have the pleasure of sharing a story from a surrogate who I went to high school with back in the day (it was NOT that long ago). Sharing your own stories can peak the interest of others, whatever journey that is. That is what happened in this story. Enjoy!


The thought of doing surrogacy has always been in the back of my mind. Not only would I absolutely LOVE to help complete a family, but I also love being pregnant. Although my family is complete, the thought of the “pregnancy chapter” being closed was not only sad, but impossible. No way was this the end for me! I’m not old enough for that (insert eye roll). I knew that my last baby was not going to be my last pregnancy. One day, I decided to reach out to Kiki (whom I’ve known my entire life) and the rest is history. Before I knew it, I was diving head first into this wonderful journey. After what seemed like forever (spoiler: it wasn’t), my profile was complete and I was ready for match.

“Wait… already??”

“But now how can I possibly wait to find out who I will be matched with?”

“Would we ‘click’ in an instant?”

“What if they don’t like me??”

These were all thoughts that ran through my head. Just a mere 4 days later, I was presented with my first potential IPs. I couldn’t believe it. Again, my mind was racing. But Amber really knows what she’s doing, because we DID click instantly and I couldn’t imagine a better set of IPs to be matched with.

It’s been quite the journey for us, complete with a few hiccups (ergh… covid…) but it’s only given us time to grow closer and really get to know each other. We decided in the beginning when my IPs would want to transfer. When I went for my medical screening, we were told that we would be postponed another 2 months. On top of that, the new transfer date would have interfered with other obligations so we came to the difficult decision to wait until early next year to transfer. But then… something happened. Somehow everything fell into place at just the right time, and we were offered the opportunity to transfer when we had originally wanted!! We couldn’t believe it. With a lot of effort and work coming from both my side and my IP’s, we had contracts signed in no time, and had a transfer date scheduled, almost 5 months sooner and exactly when we had originally wanted!

But now came the scary part……. shots! My first shot was traumatizing to say the least. It really was. There was crying, yelling, and maybe a few choice words. After nearly an hour, I finally gave in and got my first shot. I can’t even imagine what the look on my face was like, but I know there was a whole lot of laughing. I couldn’t believe I had worked myself up so much for something that wasn’t so bad! With that being said, I’m still a big baby and would never dream of administering the shots myself and I’m so lucky to have so much support in that aspect. For me, the shots have been a breeze. Buuut, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking forward to my last one! Now things are in full swing and we’ve had a picture perfect pregnancy thus far!

Looking back, this has all happened in the blink of an eye. My IPs and I are so over the moon and I can’t wait to make them parents! We make a fantastic team and I’m positive that only wonderful things will come from this experience. I will say it definitely helps having the amazing support from our agency!

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