Some of us struggle to tell our story. Some of us shout it from the rooftops. Either way, it’s good to share!


I’m terrible with words and paper. It takes me hours and tons of erasing because I didn’t spell something right or forgot this or that. Or I over write. After having my son in 2018, I was so happy. The pregnancy was easy a couple minor health issues but all controlled with diet. Then 3 months later I find out I’m pregnant with my daughter who was born not only 1 year and 12days after her brother but shares a birthday with her dad. It was that moment laying in a hospital bed right after giving birth. So that’s what happened in 2019 I started my search for an agency and found one in the strangest place, my dentist office. So piles of paper work later in the spring of 2020 I was connected with my family. We instantly fell in love with each other. So hours of texting and a few Video and phone chats later COVID had hit full and everything was on hold. A summer transfer turned into a winter transfer. The shots got to me a little mentally and physically. The lumps you get on your cheeks are very really and hurt. Our first transfer failed and I struggled with it. I felt completely lost for them. So we started over and next cycle we set up a transfer for right after Christmas. I went in had my transfer and waited what felt like years, and she stuck! Pregnancy was pretty easy going, I ended up having high blood pressure but managed to control it with out medication. At 38 weeks I went in for a blood pressure check and my doctor did not like how high it was so in I went. On Labor Day weekend.    My parents were in California at the time planning to drive up the following week. I was admitted to the hospital the evening of September 2nd. My husband was at work we had to wait for a baby setter to come to the house, I was in panic mode because once my water broke with my own they came moments later. I was at a 2 and by 5pm I was at a 4. The doctor tried to break my water and baby said no thank you. He was going to come back at 8 and break it if it didn’t on it’s own. Well about 6pm my water breaks and real panic starts to set in as my ips are trying to get a flight to Boise and my husband is a hour away waiting on a babysitter. Well she hangs out for hours longer so I had nothing to worry about. So 10pm husband gets to the hospital and ips get a small plane flight and makes it to the hospital at 12. We stayed up and talked till 2 in the morning! Then finally we all started just falling asleep. I stayed at a 4 from 5pm until 8am the next morning I finally get to a 6. At 930 doctor shows up and checked me still at a 6. We placed a peanut ball between my knees and I went from a 6 to a 10 ready to go in 15min. Legs up ready to go and 1 set of pushes and she was out. I remember the joy on their face as she entered the world. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. She was so small and beautiful. Weighing in at 5lbs 13oz and 19 1/2in long.It was as if my whole life I searched for a purpose and I found my purpose. We met a few times in Boise and in Harper. I didn’t take nearly enough photos.   When they flew out it was hard because it was like my family was leaving. I have never met a couple so appreciative. We still talk almost daily. And I get tons of pictures. I’m so glad I decided to become a surrogate it is the most rewarding, inspirational thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to plan my next journey!


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