Why Become a Surrogate

The Benefits for the Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy is the ultimate gift. For the intended parents, surrogacy is a selfless gift that fulfills a dream to have a family. For both the surrogate and intended parents, it is a unique experience and a journey that few people have the opportunity to enjoy.

why-become-surrogateWhen a woman commits to being a surrogate, she commits an entire year of her life dedicated to her time, energy and . Though having a child for a stranger is not the easiest thing to do she puts aside her instincts and desires for the sake of giving the gift of a family. Surrogacy is truly a selfless act of love.

The surrogate mother enjoys many benefits unique to the journey that is surrogacy. First and foremost it is a wondrous, gratifying experience to give a baby to excited parents. Another benefit is the chance to enjoy pregnancy without adding another child to the family.

Being a gestational carrier, or surrogate, requires a leap of faith – not only in the agency and other professionals you’ll be working with, but certainly also trust in the intended parents. It also takes faith in your loved ones’ support and in your own ability to quite possibly be seen in the community as doing something very unusual. Many gestational surrogates say that the experience changes their lives, too. They feel fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to change someone’s life in such a fundamental way. Many also tell us that the experience provides an amazing “teaching” opportunity for their children, who witness and share in this family effort to help others to build their family.

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